5 Ways Cloth Pads Will Improve your Mental Health

5 Ways Cloth Pads Will Improve your Mental Health

Embrace reusable cloth pads for menstrual care, bladder leaks, discharge, and sweat, and experience a cascade of positive effects on your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 

1. Feeling of empowerment.

Period pads

Never worry about being caught unprepared again! Say goodbye to frantic last-minute runs and unwelcome surprises! You'll always be prepared with your stash of exquisite, high-quality pads. Take control over your life and don't let your period (or your bladder) control you! Feel confident in your period preparedness.   

2. Feel good about your environmental impact.

 Every time you use your beautiful, luxurious cloth pads, you are helping the planet (which in turn helps all of us)!  Who doesn't want to feel like they're making a difference just by using a comfy cloth pad, right?!?  Reduce waste and support sustainability with cloth pads, while feeling confident in your choice to make the switch.    
 zero waste eco friendly cloth pads

3. Champion Your Long-Term Bliss!

Considering that individuals spend an average of six to ten years menstruating, investing in high-quality, reusable period products is a worthy endeavor. Prioritize your comfort and confidence during your period!  And when you're done having periods, there's always the joy of occasional bladder leaks that often come with age. Our reusable pads work wonders for light incontinence and bladder leaks(not full-on accidents) as well as periods, discharge and sweat. Healthier period products

4. Embrace Your Individuality

With a variety of fabric options, there's a pad to suit every vibe! Say goodbye to settling for designs that don't match your style. Whether you're shopping with your kiddo for their first cycle or wanting a gender-neutral look, our beautiful, high-quality collection of pads has you covered, promoting inclusivity for all.Revolutionary Cloth pad options

5. Connect with your Body.

Many individuals report feeling more positive and connected to their bodies after switching to cloth pads. People look forward to getting to use their comfortable, non-toxic pads that they picked out themselves, fostering a positive mindset toward their period, daily discharge, or light incontinence. Knowing you're covered gives a newfound confidence. Society doesn't talk about these things, but by challenging societal taboos and offering gorgeous, fun, comfortable alternatives, we aim to empower individuals to embrace their natural cycles without shame or stigma

Healthier periods with reusable cloth pads.

We hope you find joy in your journey of using cloth pads. It's fun and exciting. It is truly empowering to take control of what you're using for your periods, bladder leaks, discharge and sweat. It will take a change in mindset to get you started, but once you get in the swing of things and you find the size, shape, and materials that you feel most comfortably meet your needs, you'll never look back! Please reach out with any questions. jenny@figtreestudio.co or fill out our contact form here. Ready to give cloth pads a try? Check out all the options in our shop!

With Love,

Jenny DeFiglia Mickelson

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